About Us

SIRES endeavours to cater to every kind of dressing and decor needs of women to enable them to have a splendid walk on various avenues of their life.

And in the pursuit we are trying to revive a relish for traditional Indian clothing and textile artistry. Every single product of us is either handcrafted by our own artisans or handpicked by us from the different nook and corners of India. We are able to ensure quality and premium products at reasonable prices, because we are in direct connection with the small, village-based artisan community aiming at supporting and providing a platform to showcase their talent and affluent cultural heritage of India to a larger customer base.

About the brand Title : SIRES;

The word SIRE literally means male ancestor. We the co-founders of the company wanted to pay a tribute to our father and forefathers by titling this venture as SIRES.The immediate and a very personal and emotional cause behind titling it SIRES was untimely demise of us co-founders’ father whom we had lost in second wave covid.

Mother’s glory has always been celebrated in songs n everywhere but father’s unsung selfless sacrifices and efforts, the feel of security he provides to his children deserves a devoted naman.None of our deeds or achievements are ours alone. Every person from whom we learnt something, our friends and loved ones and the blessings of our forefathers all are combinedly involved in every endeavour of ours.
That’s why we chose SIRES as our brand name without the apostrophe (- SIRE’S- सार्यस्), Which is also short and easy to remember.
Our Indian culture does not see any feministic objections with the name SIRES. For it is true that Indian daughters if get any unconditional love no matter how much but it is from their parents only.

Hope we shall be able to provide you with a safe, value for money, satisfying shopping experience.